International Conference on Advances in Gender Research GenderR2021

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The objective of the  Advances in Gender Research 2021 conference is to recapture the advances in gender research  during the last decade.


“Bring together all stake holders and action takers to one forum through pioneering a presenter friendly international conference”.


  • Create new platforms, pathways and synergies to address the critical issues impacting  gender equality.
  • Refresh dialogues, focus on shared solutions, hope and positive outcomes.
  • Disseminate the findings of the studies to the global audience through it’s publications both printed and online versions


Key Benefits for Participants

  • To clarify your concerns with panel of academic experts
  • To Enhance your knowledge on Gender Research in the 21st century
  • To meet renowned academic experts, researchers and activists in your areas of interest
  • To get a recognition for your work on an international platform as a paper/poster presenter
  • To get your abstract/full paper published both in print and online
  • To achieve the best presenter award
  • To show your intellectual ability by chairing an interactive session
  • To meet colleagues from around the world
  • To take advantage of great networking opportunities
  • To share your knowledge with others in the same domain
  • Explore Canada's premier university- University of Toronto

Why Toronto ?

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