International Conference on Advances in Gender Research GenderR2021

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“Changing Perceptions & Achieving Gender Equity”

Gender research reveals how the perception of gender influences power and hierarchies in society. Furthermore, gender research includes women’s and feminist studies, research on men and masculinity and queer studies.


Advances in Gender Research 2020 conference focuses on  global social-justice issues and  welcome research papers on  how gender shapes people's lives, values, experiences in relation to age, ability, class, identities, sexuality and  location and more.


There are key questions such as:

- What are the strategies to involve men, women  & LGBT community members to achieve Gender equity?

- How to build an equal & just society involving different & diversified members of the community ?

- We have been taking gender equity for three decades but what are the advances in the field and success stories ?

Therefore, GenderR2020 hopes to provide an interesting global platform for researchers, academics, practitioners, professionals, policy makers and undergraduate, post-graduate students to share knowledge, exchange ideas and to establish academic relationships.

We also welcome individual paper presentations, panel sessions, round table discussions, performances, short films and posters. Your participation in GenderR2020 conference may be under Oral, Poster & Virtual categories.

Your presentation may include but not limited to original research papers, published articles, Dissertations/PhD thesis, on going projects/research abstracts, policy papers, research proposals etc...)

Contributors are invited in the areas including but not limited to:

  • Gender Gap in Corporate Management
  • Gender Equality in Education
  • Gender,  Media and Entertainment
  • LGBTQ Studies
  • Feminist studies
  • Men and Masculinities
  • Gender in Literature
  • Gender in  Public Health
  • Gender, Sexuality & Feminism
  • Gender in Science & Technology
  • Gender in Employment & Livelihood
  • Gender on Conflict and Violence
  • Gender and  Human Rights
  • Gender & Women’s Power
  • Gender, Disasters & Disability
  • Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Gender and Legal System
  • Gender Economics
  • Gender and Socialization
  • Gender and Violence
  • Gender & Globalization

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